martes, 27 de noviembre de 2007

architectuur 2.0

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Friday 9 November 2007 more than a thousand Dutch architects gathered in ‘De Doelen’ theatre in Rotterdam to hear Francine Houben, Wiel Arets, Ben van Berkel, Willem-Jan Neutelings, Winy Maas, and Rem Koolhaas speak - all the big names of the SuperDutch generation, plus Rem Koolhaas. The name of the conference: Architectuur 2.0

Willem-Jan Neutelings
There are architects today that claim to be scientists, but architects are mediocre scientists. There are architects today that make photographs in foreign countries, and then say they make architecture from it, but architects are mediocre photographers. There are architects today that use statistics to generate buildings, but architects are also mediocre in statistics. Architects should just talk about buildings’, Neutelings’ theatrical polemic sounded.

Rem Koolhaas the current world is ‘Europe – Middle East – Russia – India - China.’

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